This Baby Goat Follows His Friend All The Time. When You Find Out Why, You’ll Be Sobbing!

I am big fan of adorable animal videos in general. When I came across this clip I couldn’t help giggling. Pygmy goats are smaller than normal goats, and just for this reason their cuteness grows exponentially! Besides this little one’s story is frankly moving.

Meet Benjamin, a young pygmy goat who was rejected by his mother when born. This poor little goat would’ve died, if it wasn’t for the heroic act of Tom Horsfield, the owner of a nursing home for animals based in Britain. He stepped up and adopted lil’ Benji as if he was his son. It’s truly endearing.

Benjamin does see Tom as his dad, and he shows it by following him everywhere he goes, all the time. Even though in the video he was still just over a month old, and he could barely walk properly, he’s always behind Tom, all day, even when he’s working. Thanks to Benjamin’s cuteness, Tom’s nursing home has received many guests ever since he started living there. He just loves to be around people, he’s adorable!

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