This Baby Goat Follows His Daddy To Work Each Day, But Wait Till You Find Out Why? Awww!

I love all kinds of cute animal videos. When I watched this clip I couldn’t stop laughing. Pygmy goats are a breed of goat that is smaller than regular goats and this alone makes the cute factor multiply by ten. But one pygmy goat’s story is special, and you can see it here in this next video.

Benjamin is a young pygmy goat who, unfortunately, was rejected by his mother after he was born. If not for the heroism of Tom Horsfield, he would have died. Tom is the owner of a nursing home for animals in Britain, when he met Benjamin and found out about his story, he knew he would be a perfect fit at the home and he decided to adopt him as if he were his own son. So touching.

Benjamin must think Tom is his dad, because he follows him everywhere, all the time. This video was filmed when Benjamin was just over a month old and he could barely walk at that time, but even so, he follows Tom everywhere all day, even when he’s working. Benjamin’s cute factor has increased visitors to the nursing home and there have been a lot more guests since he arrived. This goat just loves people and attention, but especially attention from Tom.

Watch this video so you can see this truly incredible and cute bond between Benjamin and Tom. Pass it on to friends and family and it will be sure to make them all smile as much as it did me.