A baby and a goat have a hilariously friendly conversation together

Do you try to understand what animals are trying to tell you? Do you believe animals talk? Are you an avid animal lover? If you answered ‘yes’ to at least one of these questions, then the following video is for you. Animal communication has been a subject of debate for animal psychologists and veterinarians alike. Animals’ lives have changed a lot by moving them from the ‘farm-only’ scenario to the ‘pet’ one. Many animal ‘psychologists’ believe that animals learn to adapt to their new surroundings very fast.

Some experts have even suggested that some animals will ‘learn’ other animal’s behavior and act very much alike. To prove this, they decided to carry out an experiment using a puppy and a litter or cats. What they did was to put a newborn puppy with a litter of newborn kittens. They didn’t just use any breed for this experiment, they used a pit bull puppy.

The animals grew up together and not surprisingly, the dog learned many kitten-like behaviors. One of them was rubbing himself against their owner and pawing a little bit more when he was playing with the other kittens instead of biting. The scientists in charge of the experiment said that the dog didn’t really have any aggressive behavior of the dog towards the kittens.

While some animal behavior specialists think that most people tend to “humanize” animals, especially dogs, most specialists don’t believe it is enough to make them ‘think’ they are humans. The truth of the matter is that we make them eat with us, sleep on our beds and share our space. So, how can we tell if we are humanizing them? Is there such a thing? Although this is debatable, I personally don’t think so. For dogs, it’s all about territory. If you give them more space, then they will tend to think they are the ones in charge.

Not only dogs and cats have been thought of being humanized in this way. There have been other animals that have seen a surge in adoption as pets. Such is the case of pigs. More and more people have been getting on the ‘pig adoption wagon’. People will dress them up in dresses and shirts while they’re still very young and carry them around as if they were Yorkshires or Poodles. Many owners say that they even act a little human from time to time.

The following video might just be an example of that. The parents of this baby have decided to have her meet a baby goat. While baby goats are sometimes referred to as ‘kids’ the reason for this might just be more evident when you see the following video. Dad is ready to go with his camera and he captures a hilarious conversation between these two babies!