A baby goat jumps all over the place, and you don’t want to miss the footage!

What is your favorite category for funny videos? Is it dog videos? Cat videos? Other animal videos? All of them are fun and have a lot to offer. Dog videos have many distinct categories. Maybe you have seen some videos of dogs eating a plate of spaghetti. In this category, a large dog such as a Labrador or Rottweiler will be picked.

The human will be hiding behind the dog, so he remains out of sight. Then, the dog will be outfitted with a hoodie. The human will run the dog’s front legs on the inside of the hoodie with only the head sticking out. The human will run his own arms through the hoodie’s sleeves. This will give you the impression of a dog with human arms.

A large plate of spaghetti will be placed in front of the dog along with a fork. The human will grab the fork and feed the dog in the video. Spaghetti is one of the dog’s favorite dishes, so when the dogs are being fed spaghetti, they cannot seem to get enough of it. The human will eventually use a napkin and clean the dog’s face with it.

The funny thing is the dog will try to eat the napkin as well. The spaghetti is so tasty to them that they cannot even think about everything that’s taking place. This scenario is also recorded using a cake instead of spaghetti. They both pretty much play the same way with the difference that the cake is usually a lot messier.

With cats, the funniest that I have ever seen is the infamous cat vs cucumber video. In these types of videos, a cat is seen eating like he would normally do, and a cucumber will be placed without him or her noticing it. When the cats finish their meal, they will usually turn their head the other way and when they see the cucumber, they will get startled.

Another category you might not be aware of is goat videos. Goats can make very funny videos, as well as many people who have them, will be able to tell you. The only thing is that they tend to be harder to find or they will not be that long. Well, I have just solved that problem for you. Here is a compilation of the funniest goat and baby goat videos out there. This is simply hilarious! After watching this compilation please share it with your friends, I guarantee lots of comments and shares on their part.