This Baby Goat Was Kidnapped From His Mom, Now Look As They Get To Play Together Again

Only weeks after he was almost lost forever due to robbery, GusGus the baby goat is enjoying a brand new life in the Great American Lonestar Ranch. This animal sanctuary located in Texas is the home of many farm animals who happily live fulfilled lives there without fear of being mistreated. The Great American Petting Zoo shared this video of GusGus, and it will melt your heart in an instant.

The little goat can be seen hopping around and climbing on top of anything that he can find, and playing with his friend in the most delightful way. You can see how he plays with one of his best friends, Bobo the pig, and despite their obvious differences, they’re the best of buddies in the Ranch. They don’t seem to care that they are different species. Both have the same goal and that is to play and be happy and have fun.

You can also see how the energetic and playful goat spends some time with his human mother. They were dramatically reunited after the little guy was almost stolen at the Arizona State Fair’s petting zoo, when he was just a three-week-old baby. They thought he was never going to be found again, but thankfully he was found wandering around in the open afterwards. Now, he’s having the time of his life thanks to the folks at Great American Lonestar Ranch!

You can see GusGus’s amazing full story, and the consequences of it all, in the video right below!

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