At 8 Days Old, These Pygmy Goats Have Some Serious Happy Dance Skills

In this hilarious video, we meet some 8-day-old pygmy goats who have been given a small play area to enjoy while the human friends build them a bigger home. The goats’ reaction to this new scenario is remarkable; they jump around and flop all over the place. I am getting the impression they are pretty happy; what do you think?

The little black goat is incredibly excited by his new surroundings. But when two of the goats discover that they can run on a discarded piece of plywood, they know they just had to tap dance. Baby goats are known for their incredible clumsiness and fidgety behavior, but who knew they hopped around so much?


These excited little guys are having a blast in their play yard. Baby animals are always precious, but these tiny little pygmy goats are on a whole new level. There is so much cuteness abounding through the yard; I can hardly keep track. Rolling, romping, jumping, and tap-dancing – these little goats entertain with all sorts of antics that can’t be missed.

Watch as these goats happily bounce around. I bet that before the end of this video, you’ll have a huge grin on your face. These goats seem so happy and fulfilled with their new playground.

At 8 Days Old, These Pygmy Goats Have Some Serious Happy Dance Skills