This Baby Goat Was Rescued From A Horrible Life

With the increasing rate of inhumane factory farming in the world, many innocent farm animals are being abused and harmed needlessly. Because of this, we can rarely see these animals in their own natural state because their environment has been altered to increase production. However, this video captures the most amazing moments of some innocent farm animals happily bouncing and jumping around because they were rescued from terrible conditions and now live he way nature intended.

Edgar’s Mission is a non-profit farm sanctuary that seeks to create a humane world for both humans and non-humans. It is located just outside of Lancefield, within the tranquillity of the Macedon Ranges in Australia.

Many of these farm animals in the video were rescued from the wretched lives due to inhumane factory farming practices. But in this video, you will be able to see these innocent cuties hopping and bouncing around without a care in the world. These animals are so close and friendly with people who are taking care of them, that it is obvious they have bonded with them. Every animal in the farm is friends with each other, even a dog and a goat.

I felt so amused when I saw the white goat replying to her owner’s call. If these bouncing baby goats, happy lamb tails and snoozing piglets couldn’t make you smile then nothing else will.

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