Seconds After This Baby Goat Stood For The First Time, THIS Happened, I Can’t Stop Laughing!

Two days after being born, the pygmy goat in this viral video started to take its first steps. As a newborn, its legs were still pretty wobbly and it didn’t have its balance yet.

But the resulting video shows the goat experimenting with walking and it looks like an adorable little goat dance!

The “happy dance” that the lucky farmer caught on video for the entire world to see brought a smile to my face that remained there for the entire 2-minute video.

Watch and see how this newborn goat starts to play with his buddies. But the way he moves is way too adorable and because it is erratic and unpredictable, it’s obvious that this goat is dancing to the beat of his own drum – a drum no one else can hear.

Some adept YouTube commentators said that the newborn pygmy goat might be dancing like it is because it is not yet used to the flies that continuously harass it. That seems like a viable reason. I know if I had all those flies in my face and eyes, I’d want to get away from them in any way I knew how.

But regardless of the reason for this newborn goat’s happy dance, its owners believe that it is the happiest animal on earth. And after we watched the video, it’s hard for us to disagree.

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