Baby Goat and His Pig Friend Take the World Over with This Catchy Tune

Every now and then, a song comes out that’s just so catchy, so relatable, and so fun, that it takes the whole world by storm and becomes a massive hit. Everyone seeks that kind of stardom in the world of entertainment, and this baby goat featured in the video right below takes his own shot at it himself. (To be fair, the baby goat did not write the song).

This new song, aptly titled “Baby Goat Dancing On A Pig,” has already gotten thousands and thousands of listens and views in the internet world. After you’ve seen the video, you’ll understand why it became such a sensation.


In the following video, we see this charming baby goat dancing and fooling around happily on top of his pig friend, and both of them seem to be having a great time together. What patience does that piggy have?

The music itself is very catchy and easygoing, and it’s very easy to pick up and start humming along yourself without even noticing it. It goes to show that you don’t need fancy tricks and equipment to make a great tune that’s nice to listen to. Listen to this great song and enjoy the romps of these baby goats in the video below.