Baby Goats Jump All Over The Place. This Footage Of Them Is Something You Won’t Want to Miss

Goats were first domesticated about 10,000 years ago, making them one of the first animals tamed by humans. People have valued goats for their meat, hides, mohair, milk, and their eagerness to clear land of weeds and other undesirable brush. Goats have also played a prominent role in the mythology of a number of different cultures.

Goats are notably agile for a hoofed animal. They’re expert climbers and have a superb sense of balance. They’re notorious for climbing out of their pens or over fences and if you can’t find your goat, you might try looking up in nearby trees! Goats are very clever and will make efforts to communicate with their people, for instance if they need help with something.

Contrary to what you may have seen in a cartoon, goats don’t really eat tin cans, but they are very curious about whether objects might be tasty and edible. They’ll chew on anything that seems like it might be made of plant material, notably cardboard, cloth, and paper (including tin can labels). Goats “browse” rather than graze, meaning that they enjoy eating things like the tips of shrubs or tree branches, vines, weeds, and the occasional broad-leaf plant. Keeping and feeding goats in a stall is a major effort and farmers have found that it’s better just to let the goats roam freely so they can “browse” on their own.

The video we’ve posted below is a hilarious compilation of baby goat antics. You’ll see them jumping around like maniacs, playing, frolicking, perching on horses, jumping from horse to horse, and making all sorts of funny noises. And we can guarantee that nothing quite compares to a couple dozen baby goats running around in one big group!

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