Baby Goats Are Precious, But 27 Of The Darling Little Dears? What Tiny Amazing Cutie Pies!

Goats have always had a weird view in the public eye. Whenever I think back to my childhood and I think of Billy goats, I always think of cartoons or national geographic, where they note not only what excellent climbers they are, but also how they have a digestive tract like no other. They are rumored to be able to eat almost anything and everything and most would tend to agree with this. Billy goats almost have super powers of the stomach of great chefs.

Sometimes, seeing one goat can have an amazing effect on you. I know when I saw my first billy goat in person, I was kind of taken aback. I couldn’t believe how big they were, (but I was small back then) and I couldn’t believe how cool their eyes looked. I don’t know how to describe it. Every animal’s eyes seem to be slightly different variations, but goats have completely different eyes, with the closest in look being maybe a frog or toad. However, reptiles and goats seem to be completely different in almost every other aspect of their being.

Yet, if I were to see an astounding 27 baby goats? You’d have to beat me into submission to stop me from going into the cage to cuddle with all the little guys and gals. They are certainly a hoppy bunch when they are young. As most animals, don’t seem to be nearly as mobile as these guys are. I’m sure when you see them you’ll be falling over in joy!

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