That Baby Is Going To Fall Off The Couch. But Keep A Close Eye On What His Sleeping Dad Does!

Children are uncoordinated and clumsy most of the time. That is one of the things that makes them so darn adorable. But this often leads them to dangerous situations. That is why parents need to keep a constant watch on these little tykes. The video below features a compilation of such situations and how these amazing super dads jumped in right on time to save the day!

Kids manage to get themselves hurt by almost anything around them. From swing sets to little bikes, these children are like a magnet that draws trouble nearer and nearer. But thanks to their heroic dads and their superhuman fatherly instincts, they get out of it unscathed.

Some of these dads really have superhuman reflexes! One of them runs all the way down a hill to move a little boy out of the way of a toy car with two other kids inside who are heading right for him. Another manages to catch one by the feet when he flies out of a swing while holding another child in his other arm! It’s amazing!

These dads are all taking time out to play with their kids in these clips, but fortunately, they are also quick thinkers with fast reflexes. Some of these dads deserve a medal for what they did! I hope these kids baked dad a cake, or at least did something special to thank him for watching out for them because they sure deserve it!

Watch this cute video below! Which one was your favorite? Let us know your thoughts about it in the comments!

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