Baby goose becomes rescuer’s “wingman,” flies in tandem with his boat


When most men think of a wingman, they imagine someone like their best friend who could go out with them as they socialize. A wingman is typically used to try and pick up a date.

For one man in Oregon, he’s got a great wingman. However, it’s not a human. His wingman just happens to be a baby goose that took a unique liking to him.

Over and over again, as the man took his boat out on the water, the same baby goose would continue to fly side by side with him. As she would look over at him, he knew he had found the perfect wingman.


Even gently putting his arm out while driving the boat, the baby goose lands on his arm and then continues flying. The trust that this goose has for the man is absolutely incredible.

Described as flying in tandem, the baby goose seems to follow every man’s move with his boat. Going by the name of Kyle, she’s been by this man’s side since she was very young.


Even having a boyfriend of her own, Eugene, Kyle’s social life is hectic. Together, they have their own baby geese that this Oregon man loves to spend time with.

This unique interaction between humans and geese is genuinely one of a kind. With an understanding of one another, they’ve built an unusual friendship that will surely last a lifetime.

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