Baby Gosling Entangled in Balloon Ribbon! Mother Goose Searches Desperately for Help! Poor Thing!

Ohio is a beautiful state, full of lush trees, beautiful red-brick houses, and don’t forget the wildlife! From the amazing University, (which beat Michigan yet again this year BOO-YAH) to the close-knit neighborhoods Ohio has quite a special hold on this writer’s heart.

Sgt James Givens was patrolling like usual, but fell upon the most curious sight. A mother goose walked right up to him, as if to take him by the hand, and began noticeably panicking. He cries did not fall on deaf ears this day. Sgt Givens followed the anxiety-ridden mother to find the cause of all the discomfort and worry. Her poor baby gosling got tangled up in a Mother’s Day balloon string.

With no way for the mother duck to untangle the string she relied on Sgt. Givens. However, with the already high anxiety mother goose alerting him that she was on edge, he decided to call in animal safety. Better safe than sorry? That’s usually a good approach when you come into uncharted territory. After making the call over dispatch a fellow nearby officer, Specialist Cecilia Charon came to back up Givens and give an assist.

Upon examining the luckless little gosling, she immediately tried her best to calm the frantic mother goose. Sure, enough her calming voice, ringing with certainty and control took the poor feathered moms nerves down a notch. Specialist Charon has kids and it’s been speculated that her motherly instinct kicked in to save the day.

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