Baby hears Andrea Bocelli sing for the first time, his emotional reaction is delightful

It is sad that as we grow older we tend to hide our emotions, we especially hide tears that start to flow at inappropriate times, and we develop inhibitions that we never had when we were younger. Babies are a prime example of how our emotions should flow. Their faces can demonstrate so many emotions in a single minute that most of us won’t show in a day. But why? Why is it when we reach our teens that we decide to hide our emotions? Why can’t we stay un-inhibited? Why can’t we just show how we are feeling without feeling guilty about it?

Pier pressure is responsible in some ways I guess, the un-forgiving friends that ridicule and criticize if you show too much emotion. The clip below is going to make a huge difference in your day….believe me. It is one of the most wonderful things I have seen on YouTube for many-a-time.

Music, as we all know, can stir all sorts of emotions within us. It can bring back memories of forgotten loves, or of people that we have lost, places that we have visited or events that we have witnessed. It can makes us happy, it can make us sad, it can conjure up feelings of anger or even get us depressed, it all depends on the mood you are in when you are listening. Some artists are just so powerful that you cannot help but feel all sorts of emotions when they perform.

Andrea Bocelli is one such artist. His beautiful baritone voice is just a pleasure to listen to. His vocal quality is exceptional and some say without pier. The clip below features the cute-as-can-be-baby called Abriel. It’s time for little Abriel to go to bed, so mom Anna Feldman decides to play a “Sesame Street” clip for little Abriel to help him get sleepy. The clip features a sleepy Elmo be sung to by guest Bocelli. His dulcet tones have Abriel pulling some of the most cute-faces you will ever see. It is just amazing the effect of Bocelli’s voice has on the oh-so-cute-infant.

At times it looks like Abriel is going to cry, then before you know it he has a huge smile on his face, then a look of concerned concentration as Bocelli’s voice hits a high note. The expressions that young Abriel shows are just amazing, it’s wonderful how music can have an effect on even innocent-infants. The inhibitions of babies is such a pleasurable to behold, and it is something that we, as grown-ups, should pay more attention too. Who knows, we may even learn something from the very ones that we are supposed to be teaching. Life has a funny way of educating us in some things that are so obvious.