Baby Hippo Jumps In The Water For The Very First Time. He’s The CUTEST!

No matter what species they may be, baby animals always have a way to make fill our hearts with joy. Such is the case for the newest member of Melbourne’s Zoo, a pygmy hippo who is their new rising star.

He’s melting the hearts of not only the lucky Australians who get to see them, but of the whole internet world! This recent video of him making his first swim is rapidly becoming viral, and when you watch it you’ll understand why.

Obi, as the cute hippo is named, shows how much he loves the water, and after spending his first weeks on small training pool, is ready to take his next big step. He might look a bit frightened at first, but he’s determined to become one of the big boys right now! As you see in the clip, he gets the hang of swimming very swiftly. Watch him taking a big splash for the first time, you’ll definitely fall in love with him in an instant! This baby of just 13 kilos has a heart the size of the world.

Don’t miss this cutie, featured in the video right below. Isn’t he just adorable? Don’t forget to share the video with your friends!

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