Baby Horse Decides To Snuggle With Girl. The Results Are SO Touching… And Hilarious!

Dogs and cats can form strong bonds with their mommies and daddies. Horses are just as capable of showing as much love and affection as these smaller animals. They need a good amount of care and attention and can be quite demanding if they feel like they are being ignored. The baby horses are probably the most attention-seeking, as this video that we have here shows.

We see a girl named Sunny, who has probably just finished riding the mommy of the baby horse that’s in the video. The baby wants some attention and is NOT leaving until Sunny gives some love. First, there’s a little bumping and then Sunny gladly falls on her back, and the baby horse just flops gently on top of her. It seems like this baby weighs a little less that a human. If the mommy horse flopped on her, it’d be an entirely different… and very short… video.

The baby horse lays on top of Sunny, refusing to get up until she snuggles some more and pats the mane. It’s hard for the girl to do that since she’s laughing so hard. The horse’s mommy lowers her head to sniff out the situation. Apparently satisfied that her baby is fine, she lets the lovefest continue. Finally, the two have to disengage, but it seems like they are tangled up for a few seconds.

Sunny just has to be careful when the foal decides to get up – she’s watching the hooves to make sure she doesn’t inadvertently smacked in the head. Baby horse or no baby horse, that would do some damage for sure. Once she’s cleared, she’s still laughing. Of course, I would be laughing too if a baby horse showed that much affection. I’d just have to make sure that none of my ribs were cracked – it was good that she was wearing a flak jacket of some kind.

Wasn’t this so adorable? It made me want a horse, but I don’t think the board members of where I live would allow that. What about you? Have you had something like this happen with a horse? Tell us all about it!

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