Baby Horse Falls On His Back, But Wait Till His Brother Joins In To Play! Precious!

It is always heartwarming to see animals have fun. And this video right here is one of those feel-good videos. It features two cute foals grazing in the fields with their mother. One of these foals has a toy and he is really enthusiastic about playing with it. The little guy is full of energy and liveliness as he jumps up and around with the ball.

We don’t often think of horses as being interested in toys, and we rarely see a horse with a toy. But they are intelligent animals and need to have their mind stimulated in order to be happy and healthy. It seems this foal has found a way to do that with a special blue ball.

This foal is tossing the ball and kicking it around, even laying on it. But there is another foal nearby with his mother who seems a bit shy. He approaches the foal with the ball looking curious and I wondered if they would start kicking it back and forth.

However, his sibling is a little more reserved than he is. Unlike his brother, he stays near his mom all the time. At one point, when he approaches the other foal, it looks like his brother wants to play with him too, but the eagerness he shows scares the poor kid away! But the other foal doesn’t care. He just goes on playing by himself, happy to have his ball.

The shy one was probably wary of the toy, but he will catch on. I am sure they will get along fine as they grow up!

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