This Baby Horse Is Frightened And Lost. Now Watch What Happens When His Mom Comes Over…

Most people learn the basics of life from their parents; it’s only natural, considering you spent the first 18 or so years of your life under their care, some even longer. Whether it’s how to tie your hair into the perfect bun or how to start the lawnmower, it all begins with mom and dad.

That’s true for animals too, especially this Paso Fino mare and her little foal. When he first saw his mother jump over the wall, it seemed almost impossible. She demonstrates how to build up speed as they run around the pasture, then quickly up to the wall – with a jump they are both over!

Unlike lions, which will literally kill their young, horses are sweet, nurturing animals. There are plenty of examples, but anyone who has spent time with a horse can tell you how beautiful and kind they are.

The foal sticks close by his mother as they circle the pasture, gathering speed gradually and then the mother jumps over the wall first, quickly followed by the baby foal – the first of many lessons to come. His mother, just like every other mother, is a hero, ready to teach him all the lessons of the world (the ones that are important to horses at least).

The influence of our parents is incalculable, and all we can say for sure is “Thanks mom and dad!” for where we are today. This little horse is surely saying thanks to him mom as well.

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