A baby horse gets upset when he stops petting her. Check out her revenge!

Animal babies often behave just as human babies. Babies are awesome, who doesn’t like babies, right? Babies will do whatever they need in order to get away with doing what they want. Take eating for example. We all know that most babies love sweet things like fruits and desserts and avoid eating vegetables. So, if a baby thinks that he can avoid eating broccoli by throwing a tantrum, that’s exactly what he will do.

Another thing that babies love is to be hugged and carried everywhere. This is something that I learned firsthand when I had my own babies. They both loved to be carried everywhere and didn’t like walking that much. Of course, as a parent, I was concerned that this would prevent them from reaching their milestones. I went to the pediatrician looking for answers.

The pediatrician told me that I should just let them experiment more with outdoor activities. Getting the chance to spend more times outdoors would spark their curiosity and would make them want to walk around, run, fall, and everything in between. I took the pediatrician’s advice and went with them to the park and the zoo.

When I went to the park and they saw the swings, slides and everything else, they could not wait to start running and exploring. I took them to the park every other day and that definitely helped them in overcoming this thing of needing to be carried everywhere. Going to the zoo was another fun experience for them. They were basically making me run behind them to see every animal there.

When they wanted to do something that I didn’t agree to (like watching TV very late or eating a lot of sweets), they would throw a tantrum to try to get their point across. What I did to make them stop was take them to another place in the house like another room. If I was shopping in the supermarket, I would take them to the parking lot, which was not fun at all for them. After a few minutes, they were in a better mood and had understood that they had not behaved well.

But human babies are not the only ones who throw tantrums when they don’t get what they want. The baby horse in the following video does that as well. You see, she loves getting back scratches and to be petted. When the man in the next video refuses to keep petting her, she throws one of the biggest tantrums you will ever see!