Baby Horse Was Going To Be Put Down After A Tragic Accident When This Couple Did The UNTHINKABLE!

Angel, a miniature horse, had been born on June 8th. Tragically, two days later her mother stepped on her right front leg and crushed it. Her caretakers, Lennie and Brenda Green would either have put her down or find a way to raise her with three legs. Thankfully, they chose the latter.

As word of Angel’s story spread around town, the folks over at Maine Orthotics and Prosthetic Rehab Services couldn’t sit back and do nothing. They offered to design and create at no cost a leg for Angel. The design process is still not finished for Angel is still growing, but thankfully she’ll soon be able to get on her feet again!

It feels my heart with joy knowing that there are people out there that value animal lives and want to give them every chance possible to live! If this story moved you, share it with your friends and spread the love!

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