Injured Mama Horse Can’t Get Up, Baby Horse Refuses to Leave Her Side

Wild animals live a wonderful life, free to roam wherever their hearts desire, no fences or cages to keep them in, just how nature intended it.

They don’t even need to come into contact with a human if they so choose, but every now and again they might be thankful that we’re around.

Some insensitive people might call this wild mare and her baby “just animals”, but not us. This wild mare and her foal are grateful that not all humans are bad people when the Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals arrived to assist their predicament. The UK based charity has been at the forefront of animal rescue and welfare since 1924, and here they are in action in Wales, helping this mare get back on her hooves.

It is unclear just how their situation developed, or how long they were like that. It might sound like a deceptively simple problem, but one of the mare’s hooves had become caught in her mane, and the poor horse had no way of standing up, while her beautiful little foal was becoming more and more distressed in the process. There’s a possibility they could have been like that for hours and maybe even days.

If they were to remain in such a condition their survival was on the line, but luckily someone must have notified the professionals, and the RSPCA arrived on the scene.

Wild horses can potentially be dangerous animals and having little contact with humans they’re known to get defensive. The foal doesn’t leave his mother’s side throughout, but is clearly not happy with the situation, running in circles and showing his frustration. He needn’t have worried though, as this team only ever had his mom’s safety in mind.

They manage to free the hind leg hoof tangled in the mare’s mane by cutting away some of her unruly locks, but it still takes her a while to stand up.

Her hind leg muscles could easily have become dead from remaining in that position for a long time, but she keeps trying and eventually manages to get on all fours. The foal is elated his mommy is back on her feet and the pair slowly wanders back into the wilds of Wales.

Don’t miss the vital rescue in the link below and share with your horse loving family and friends. The RSPCA continues to do an amazing job for all animals so give them some love and support too!

Injured Mama Horse Can\'t Get Up, Baby Horse Refuses to Leave Her Side