Baby In Swimming Gear Tries To Eat A Banana

Have you ever felt starving after a swim and want to eat something desperately? Imagine how you would feel if you couldn’t manage to do that because your hand won’t reach your mouth. This feeling is being experienced by a little boy, who desperately tries to eat his banana with floaties on his arm.

The little boy who is just over a year old comes merrily to the table, kept next to the pool, and grabs the top of a banana that his mom was eating. He tries to put it in his mouth, only to find that his hands won’t reach his mouth because of the floats on his arms. He shouts in frustration, turns around and tries again, but has no luck.

He comes back to the table and grabs the bottom half of the banana, which still has the peel on it, and tries to pull out a piece to put into his mouth. Luckily for him, his mother feels sorry for him and takes the top half of the banana and gives him a bite.