This Baby Just Wanted To Play With The Dog, But What He Does Is So Cute

Most of the time, when you get to watch a cute video featuring a baby, it’s absolutely golden. And dog clips definitely aren’t far behind at all. So naturally, when you put those two things together, what results is something that’s too adorable for this cruel world. The video that we brought to show you today features exactly what I’m talking about.

In the video, an adorable baby is playing around with her dog friend, a cute and furry husky, and they are as happy as a baby and a dog could ever be while playing together. But when you see what happens afterwards? It’s such an adorable thing, I could not ever describe it in words! I think this dog agrees that it’s almost impossible to reject a baby when they want to play, and he’s experiencing that right now! But he really doesn’t seem to mind and it seems like they’ve done this many times before.

Lots of people out there get really scared when imagining presenting their baby to a dog, but those fears are usually not justified. Dogs are noble creatures, and would never do any harm to a sweet and cute baby, and this two friend prove it beautifully! This dog clearly loves this baby, and while they are playing in this video, I am certain this dog would go to great lengths to protect this baby.

Watch this adorable clip right below. I’m sure you’re going to adore it! Remember to share it with your friends on Facebook too!

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