This baby just wanted to play with the Husky. But what the dog did next? It’s adorable!

Usually when you see a funny baby video, it’s pure gold. And dog videos are great too. But put them together, and you will get something too adorable for this world. Like in the clip we have here. It shows a cute baby messing around with her husky friend, and they look as happy as they can be together. And when you see what happens next? It made my heart melt! It’s so difficult to refuse to play with babies when they insist so much, and this little doggy friend definitely saw that.

Lots of folks out there are afraid of having their kids around dogs, due to security reasons of course, but they are mostly mistaken. Animals can actually help a lot in developing your kid develop emotionally, and even the biggest and most menacing-looking dogs can become puppies again when they interact with small children. Letting a kid have a dog is one of the best things you can do for them. For instance, this little one’s dad says his year-old husky is actually very jumpy and excited, but he instantly turns sweet and calm when he’s around her, and she is only seven months old.

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