When the Baby Wouldn’t Stop Crying, This Sweet Cat Stepped in To Help

The Internet is full of different types of videos. The most popular ones would probably be those of dogs and cats. Lately, it has often been said that cats rule the Internet. And the following video will show you why that could actually be true.

This video is one of the most endearing and heartwarming videos ever. Hold your heart because this cute kitty just might steal it away. When these pet parents brought their baby home, they had no idea how their cat would react to the change. Surprisingly, the cat handled it very well. Wait till you see what he does when the little guy starts crying.


I seriously hadn’t seen anything like this in my whole life. He makes a great babysitter, doesn’t he? This cat does things for the baby that is very uncharacteristic for cats and seems more like something a dog may do.

The baby was a little bit fussy, and the family’s beautiful, black cat decided he could help. He sits near the baby and gently strokes his face with the backside of his paw, and then he places his paw on the baby’s head. After just a few seconds, the baby seems to relax and stop fussing, and then the baby falls asleep.

The cat continues to keep his paw on the baby’s head, even yawning himself from time to time. Could it be a shared nap time is in the future for these two?

When the Baby Wouldn\'t Stop Crying, This Sweet Cat Stepped in To Help