This Baby Koala Has To Be Raised Without Her Mother. Now Watch What That Baby Koala Does! AWW!

When Imogen the koala was born, the workers at Symbio Wildlife Park began rearing her by hand. They compiled this amazing clip to show us the daily life of this baby koala as she is being cared for by humans. Hand rearing Imogen was not an easy decision to make. But when another baby koala called Harry, who was a lot younger than Imogen, lost his own mother, the wildlife group had to figure out the best way to ensure that both babies would survive.

They decided to make Imogen’s mother act as a foster mom for Harry, while they fed Imogen themselves. It ended up working out quite well as both the joeys are still thriving. This doesn’t surprise me because Symbio Wildlife Park in Sydney, Australia has an excellent reputation for caring for the animals there.

The following video follows Imogen and her daily routine. How she spends her days with her caretakers is really adorable to watch! Wait till you see this! Imogen has charmed everyone, including the visitors that visit her on the web, and it’s no wonder she’s famous. The caretakers have tried to mimic the conditions she would live in if she were still being raised by her mother.

In one part of this video, we see her cuddled up with her caretaker getting ready for a nap. She lets out a big yawn, and it is the cutest thing ever. I don’t know why watching an animal eat, sleep, and play is so amusing, but it certainly is with Imogen.

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