This Baby Looks At His Mom And Does The One Thing She Begged Him Not To… LOL!

“Noooo,” his mother screams as the baby keeps reaching his hand over to the water glass.

For some reason, he is just so attracted to that glass and really wants to knock it over.

Whether it’s a cat knocking over a flowerpot on purpose or a baby spilling some milk, there is just something inherently funny about someone disobeying another person’s orders.

At the start of the video clip, the baby walks over to the round marble table. His mother knows instantly that he’s going for that glass of water. It must be one of his favorite pranks.

For the next forty seconds, the mother keeps telling her son “no” and how he shouldn’t knock over the glass.

To the boy’s credit, he does listen to his mother. He stops over and over again. But curiosity just got too powerful for the boy and he has to follow through. He seemingly has no choice.

“Don’t even think about it,” his mom says. The boy smiles because he knows he’s doing something funny.

Watch the video now to see if the boy gets to satisfy his curiosity and knock over the glass of water.

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