Baby Louie Has The Best Time Of His Life Playing with Pug Puppies

This is the story of an adorable baby called Baby Louie and his two best friends who just happen to be pug puppies! Who doesn’t love the combination of babies and puppies, right? The amount of fun they’re having today is just too much and too cute to handle in one go. Many parents want their children to know what it’s like to experience growing up with a dog, so they get a puppy or a dog while their baby is still a baby, and most of the time, these babies and their pets form a really close bond that cannot be broken. I think that is definitely what’s happening here with Baby Louie and his two furry friends.

We’ve all come to realize that if we want our children to grow up to be responsible beings, pets can help. For children who suffer from social issues, like Asperger’s or Autism, pets can help. I’m sure Baby Louie is going to grow up to be a fine young lad with his two best friends beside him! Now you’ve got to watch what they do together to melt the stress away! These puppies are clearly already in love with their pint-sized human and just can’t get enough of him. He’s wearing his onesie pyjamas and when these little pups jump on him, all he feels is love.

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