A baby meets dad’s twin for the first time. His confused look is just too adorable!

Did you ever wish you had a twin growing up? I sure did. Just imagine all the possibilities in school, with your friends and family. I did read however of some twins that pulled off the funniest pranks to their friends and relatives. One of these cases was with a pair of twins that decided to play a major prank on everyone they knew.

They thought it would be fun to live the life of the other one for one day and see if anyone noticed. They were in the same grade and went to the same school, so they would need to go through too much trouble, they figured. The day came, and they got dressed and briefed each other on how their day should look like. They had different friends and were known for having different tastes in almost everything.

They went to each other classes and not their teachers nor their classmates could tell the difference. They even did each other’s exams as they had very similar handwriting. After the school day was over, they went to each other’s afterschool activities and returned home. They were almost about done when they noticed that their parents could not tell them apart, either.

They decided to continue with the prank and see how many days would go by until anyone noticed that they were not who they were saying to be. After three days, they had managed to fool almost everyone except for a couple of friends that had caught them but decided to continue playing along for the sake of the prank.

They carried on for a total of four days until their parents discovered what they were up to. Instead of scolding them, their parents told them that they had been very creative and because no one was hurt in the process, they didn’t really have any problem with what they had done. This prank also taught them a great deal about each other in the process.

The following video is a prank to a baby. It’s an innocent prank, so don’t worry, no babies were hurt in the making of this video. The baby is about to meet his uncle today, but what no one told the baby was that his uncle is daddy’s twin brother. Both look almost identical, so the baby is going to have his hands full with this one. Just watch!