Baby Meets His Family Dog for FIRST Time. But When He Does THIS, He’ll Steal Your Heart!

Beagle and Baby

In this video, their little boy is just old enough to roll over by himself. He’s lying on his back on the floor of his nursery and his parents are both there filming when the family dog, a four-year-old beagle, enters the room to discover the baby.

He’s very curious, as all beagles are, and I think he’s also instantly in love.

Most people get cautious when introducing their pets to a new family member. And it is not really a bad thing either. Scott Moore and his wife were two of those people. When their little boy was born, they were really concerned about how their beagle would react to him.

As a result, they decided to keep them apart for a while. I’m sure the dog suspected something was up, but it was several months before he got to meet the new addition.  But wait till you see what actually happened when they met!

After keeping them separated for a few months, they thought it was time to introduce them to each other. And thankfully, Moore recorded it for us. This is really the cutest thing you will see today! Wait till you see how these adorable little guys react when they get a chance to finally meet for the first time! The little boy is six years old now and the beagle is ten already!

Watch this cute video below and don’t forget to share what you thought about this adorable beagle meeting his tiny human for the first time.