Baby Meets Family Dog For FIRST Time. When He Does THIS, He’ll Steal Your Heart!

Most people get cautious when introducing their pets to a new family member. And it is not really a bad thing either. Scott Moore and his wife were one of those people…

When their little boy was born, they were really concerned about how their beagle would react to him. So they decided to keep them apart. But wait till you see what actually happened when they met! This is totally going to melt your heart. I’m telling ya, folks: these two are going to be best friends forever.

A note about safety: After keeping them separately for a few months, they thought it was time to introduce them to each other. And thankfully, Moore recorded it for us. This is really the cutest thing you will see today! Wait till you see how these adorable little guys react when they get a chance to finally meet for the first time! The little boy is six years old now and the beagle is ten already!

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