Baby Monkey Falls In Love With A Rope. What He Does Is SO CUTE!

Get ready for the cutest video that you’re going to see all day. This adorable baby monkey is having the time of his life hanging out with his mama and playing on a rope. Like most babies, there’s an awe about life that is so foreign to many of us as we’ve grown older. The baby monkey keeps looking back at his mom as if to ask, “Is this safe mommy? Can I play with this?” It’s sooo adorable.

Once mom gives her approval, the baby monkey climbs on and tries his hand (and little feet!) at making his way down the rope. Sometimes he even uses his mouth to hang on! He tries as hard as he can to be brave, but boy is that rope really high up and scary! Before he gets too far off the ground, he lets himself down and goes back to the beginning. He’s so excited about this new toy!

Before long, the baby monkey is starting to get the hang of climbing on the rope, so his mommy lets him alone to give it a try on his own. That must have been so scary for him! He’s such a little guy, what would he do if he got stuck up there or even fell? Will the baby monkey be brave enough to climb alone? Watch the video to find out!

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