This Baby Monkey Doesn’t Know What to Do with His New Rope. Watch Him Figuring It out Is Too Cute

This video is most definitely one of the cutest things I have seen all day. Babies are naturally very curious – whether it is human babies or animal babies. They are always very inquisitive about their surroundings. This clip shares some adorable antics of a baby monkey, and you are going to melt when you see it.

The little guy in our video is curious, indeed, about the rope in front of him. You can almost imagine him thinking – “What to do with it? Let’s start by chewing it. Nope, not that tasty. Ah, but I can do all sorts of flips now!” His inquisitive nature is compelling, and amusing, to watch.


When I saw him trying to make his way down the line, I really couldn’t handle the cuteness. And look at how happy and excited he is with his brand new toy. I loved it when mom is behind him holding down the rope for him, making it taut.

There are a few tumbles and some very funny positions that this little monkey gets himself into, and each one is adorable. You won’t be able to turn away from such innocent hilarity.

We are sure you are going to enjoy watching this adorable baby monkey taking on the rope challenge. He is one funny little guy who is no doubt going to keep his mom very busy with all his antics.

This Baby Monkey Doesn\'t Know What to Do with His New Rope. Watch Him Figuring It out Is Too Cute