A Baby Monkey Gets Separated From His Mother, But THIS Is What Happens Just 35 Seconds Later

Little kids share an amazing relationship with their moms. Given that their moms do everything in their power to look after them, they are practically inseparable from them when small. A mom is food, comfort, love, warmth and everything else we need to be happy.

And this is not only true for human kids, but also for animals. If you don’t believe they feel it like we do, then you MUST take a look at the video below! This precious moment between a monkey and his mom will warm your heart, right after it breaks it a little bit!

This poor baby got separated from his darling mother. He didn’t try to put a brave face on either. And why should he? This little monkey ‘wears his heart on his sleeve’ and we are left in no doubt at all that his little heart belongs with his mother.

During the time that his mom wasn’t there, he just couldn’t handle being alone. He crouches down and cries desperately for her. What a frightening 35 seconds for the sensitive little guy!

Thankfully, his mom hears his cries because she soon rushes towards him. We think that she really does want to get there to reassure him as soon as she possibly can! And when the tiny baby monkey sees his precious mom, he immediately runs right to her.

This happy monkey ending will bring the biggest smile to your face, just as it did to ours!

Watch this precious video below! How does it make you feel? Let us know in the comments!

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