Baby Monkey Is Saved From Cruel Poachers. I Was Flabbergasted At What Happened.

There are fewer people out there that I hate more than poachers. Some may say that they are just doing what they have to do to survive. No. There’s no excuse for what these vermin have done to decimate the numbers of some species of animals. There is always a different route to take. My blood boils when I see what happened to animals like this poor monkey. It’s very hard, but very important to watch something like this to know what goes on.

We meet a young monkey named Izzie. She has been rescued from poachers and taken to the Belize Wildlife Referral Clinic. Vets there find that she ha been starved and denied water. Dehydration is a big cause of death among poached animals, so the first order of business is to get her fluids. It’s so cute to see Izzie drinking something from a syringe and munching on little bits of fruit. She’s weak, but she also seems to realize that they are there to help her.

Ready to get even madder at these poacher scum? It turns out they have broken her right arm and shot her with pellets. The vets set her arm in a cast and remove the pellets. The video ends with her being loaded into a truck to be taken to another area for her to recover. Izzie is groggy, but she’s docile with all the people caring for her. There’s a tender moment when she snuggles on the chest of one of them.

Seeing poachers in action has been something that has made me angry for a long time. I remember seeing, as a young child, a documentary about poachers clubbing helpless harp seal cubs for their fur. I still see it all in my mind’s eye decades later. What can drive the human condition to willingly, and savagely, kill these animals? Greed plays a very large part. I just hope they can be brought to justice one day.

What did you think of Izzie? Wasn’t she adorable?

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