Baby Monkey Takes Her First Bath Ever, And It’s The CUTEST Thing In The World!

As we’ve seen in many other examples before, most pets are very hateful of hygiene and bath time. It’s almost impossible to find a dog or a cat who willingly disposes him or herself to grooming and washing. We as humans seem to be pretty lonely when it comes to scrumptious maintenance, but thankfully we always have our other primate buddies to enjoy baths together!

Baby Nala shows that she isn’t like those dirty dogs or stubborn cats. She’s a black cap capuchin, a very fun and cheerful kind of monkey, she now lives in a sanctuary after having being rescued. Given their friendliness and size, lots of people believe they can be great pets, but to our disgrace, they’re mistaken. These kind of animals are too wild to live in a small home, and they require space, social life, and an environment that a regular human home could not ever provide.

This clip was recorded soon after Nala’s birth, when she was happily receiving one of her very first baths. She looks so small in the video, you can see that she actually fits inside her caretaker’s hand! I’ve never seen a bath so adorable!

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