Baby Mouse Freed From Rough Waters With Luck

Here’s another wonderful story about a person coming to the aid of an animal that was in trouble. This time, it was a tiny rodent who had fallen into frigid waters in Canada. The little plucky guy was not going to give up, though, and the video here shows both his indomitable spirit and the kindness of a human who could have just as easily decided to let nature play out its hand.

A woman saw another woman and her dog looking at the waters of Lake Ontario. It was a cold January day, and she saw what had happened – a baby mouse had fallen into the waters. He fought his way to the shore and then rested, having expended his energy. The mouse was just lying there on the shore, and was in danger of being pulled back in by the waves. That’s where the woman came in.

She scooped him up and sat in the sun with the mouse on her gloves. The little guy just lay there, conserving his energy. Soon, though, the sun started giving him strength. Hey, sunlight has vitamin D in it… he got up and then it was up to the woman to find a spot to put him. She didn’t want him in any danger, so she put him near some firewood… and watched him scurry off. I think I heard her karmic register go up a level after that…

I don’t know what was cuter here: the baby mouse or the captions that were next to every picture. This was a very creative way for her to tell her story, and I have to commend her for that. It’s also great that she realized that this mouse’s place was in nature, not her home. She never had an idea to make it her pet – she just wanted to get it strong enough to go back out, and hopefully not too close to the water this time.

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