Baby has never seen dad sans beard. Now watch when she sees his face shaved for the first time

Beards, mustaches, or other styles of facial hair can radically alter the appearance of a man’s face. So can making changes. You don’t need a professional to dye it, reshape it, grow it out, trim it, or shave it off. Indeed, for fugitives trying to stay one step ahead of the law, transforming facial hair has always been an obvious first step toward creating a disguise.

For a young father in San Antonio, Texas, getting rid of his beard had nothing to do with trying to look different from his portrait on a wanted poster. He had a job interview scheduled and even though his beard looked good on him, he figured he’d make a better impression if he was clean-shaven. But what would his 7 month-old daughter Anistyn Claire think? He decided it would be fun to have a video of her reaction. We’ve posted it below for you.

At the beginning, we get to see dad, still bearded, playing peekaboo with the adorable little girl. He’s using a fuzzy blanket to hide his face from her. They’re having a great time with the cover-reveal, cover-reveal. Anistyn Claire is laughing, smiling, and beaming. Then the video cuts to the beardless future. Dad approaches his baby daughter with the lower part of his face hidden by the same blanket. She looks happy, ready for another fun game of peekaboo. But then dad lowers the blanket and she sees his smooth face for the first time. She alternates between being confused and horrified! She drops forward to hide her face and get this stranger out of her sight. Dad tries his best to comfort her, but that’s no help. Anistyn Claire starts bawling. Mom can be heard remarking, “Daddy probably wants to cry about it, too!”

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