This Baby Opposum Lost His Mother In A Tragic Accident! Watch This Heartrending Video!

Opposums get some bad rap because their looks aren’t as appealing to everyone, when compared to cats or dogs maybe they aren’t as “cute” to some. However they are marsupials that are genetically similar to humans, they are excellent pest control and are overall great animals to share space with. Personally I find opossums adorable!

Now, Poncho is a baby opossum, he sadly lost his mother when a car crashed into her. When animal rescuers got to the site they were hit by the devastating sight of the little infant clinging to her mother as she lay motionless in the middle of the road.

The team knew that the baby opossum was not going to be able to survive in the wild. Sadly they also knew that opossums are not very receptive to surrogate mothers, however they couldn’t just abandon her fate. What the rescuers could have never predicted that Poncho would be adopted by the most unlikely mother a dog.

Meet Hantu, the white German Shepherd that loving adopted the infant as one of her own babies. She nursed Poncho just as any other of her puppies. Furthermore they created an unbreakable bond and now are inseparable!

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