Baby Panda Sneaks Off During Naptime. But Mama Is Quick on His Tail

Animals are very similar to us humans in some ways. Moms need some alone time, and babies can be very sneaky and mischievous when mom isn’t looking. The Taipei Zoo has a giant panda bear and her little one. In this clip, the beautiful mama is enjoying eating some leaves, while she thinks her baby is asleep. But the adorable little guy has a different plan.

This baby panda sneaks out of bed and tries to go off adventuring. However, mama is having none of that as she attempts to put him right back to sleep. She abandons her snack and walks out of the room, hoping that her baby will follow her. But when he doesn’t, watch what she does.


I wonder if this baby panda will learn his lesson and follow mom’s orders in the future. When her baby doesn’t follow her, she comes back and takes him by the scruff of his neck, just like a cat would with her kittens. The problem is that this baby is a lot bigger than a kitten, but so is mom, and she has the final say in what her baby needs to do.

She literally drags him back to bed by the scruff of his neck, but she’s so gentle with him. Eventually, she kind of rolls him back to where he needs to be, and she picks him up and cuddles him in her arms like a baby so he will sleep. It is the sweetest thing I’ve ever seen.

Baby Panda Sneaks Off During Naptime. But Mama Is Quick on His Tail