Baby was about to pass out asleep – what the dog does is adorable!

When you have a family pet and you bring home a new arrival, parents are often concerned if the two will get along. It can be a very stressful moment when introducing a new baby to the family pooch, and all we can do is hope that they form a loving and lasting friendship. Thankfully, more often than not, we see time and time again the incredible bond that dogs create and nurture with the new addition to the family. It’s as if they say – “don’t worry mom and dad – I got this!” After a while, we realise we needn’t have been worried at all!

Dogs can be really protective of young children and babies, keeping a close eye on them and making sure they don’t get into harm’s way. We’ve seen countless videos over the years of when dogs do adorable things to keep our children safe, from utterly hilarious moments, to legitimately heroic feats – dogs are without a doubt humankind’s best friend!

So, when this pooch started to realise what was happening here, there’s little doubt mom and baby were going to be in good hands. Or good paws we should say! It’s as if the animal knows exactly what’s happening or what’s about to happen, and he keeps a watchful eye on the child, waiting to be of service in any way he can!

The adorable child sits next to his faithful new friend but it’s clear that he’s becoming seriously sleepy! The little one’s eyes are getting heavy and he’s swaying back and forth, totally ready for nap time! But we look on anxiously as we’re concerned he’s going to fall and hurt himself!

Just like we felt when listening to a boring lecture in school, this baby struggles to stay awake, eyes snapping open every time he realises he’s drifting off! But finally, it gets far too much for him, and the tiredness takes over. With this wonderfully fluffy cushion right in front of him – he wasn’t going to miss that opportunity to have the best pillow possible!

The delightful baby boy face-plants into his friend’s fur, and with the dog watching and guarding the safety of the child, the pooch adorably allows his human brother to pass out on top of him! It’s a wonderfully touching moment that will resonate with many parents who will recognise just how awesome dogs are with our loved ones! Don’t miss this beautiful moment in the video below!