This Baby Plays With Coca Cola’s Polar Bear Mascot! He Is Incredibly Adorable!

Babies are exceeding adorable and curious, I love coming across of clips of infants being precocious and maybe a little bit ridiculous. Their absolute innocence and eagerness to explore makes babies incredibly endearing and they give us insight to behaviors that we have forgotten.

As I mentioned before I have a huge soft spot for babies having adorable interactions with things they’re seeing for the first time. In this case, however, I don’t think anyone can deny the “cuteness” between this baby boy and a polar bear mascot.

Rylan was visiting Las Vegas with his family when he came across a Coca Cola polar bear in a store. He cautiously approached the bear, but quickly realized he was friendly. What happens next is sure to melt your heart.

Be sure to watch closely I guarantee you are going to smile and even crack up a little. If you are a parent, you´ll let out a little sigh of recognition, I know I did! The absolute cuteness of the situation makes this clip the perfect pick me up if you are feeling a bit down after a long day!

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