The baby poops himself on couch, sending the dog running for his life

Being so young, babies can’t be expected to have much expertise. However, there are three things they master almost immediately: sleeping, eating, and pooping. Dogs are adept at these things, too, and maybe that’s why they often get along so well with babies.

This brings us to a baby named Hollis and his friend Max the dog. They’re a cute pair and get along splendidly. In fact, Max doesn’t even mind being used as a pillow! Still, even the friendliest, most easy-going dog has his limits. As you’ll see in the video posted below, it can be absolutely hilarious when a baby pushes a dog past those limits.

At the beginning of the video, we hear mom greeting them, “Hey, Hollis! Do you like sitting next to Max?” Perhaps she should have put the question the other way around: she quickly notices that the baby is making a face she’s learned to dread. “Oooh, you look like your about to either poo poo or something.” She gives Max a pat on the head, perhaps false reassurance, before giving her son encouragement. “You can do it, Hollis. You can do it.” The snoozing dog gets some more love: “Max, you’re so sweet, yes you are…” But mom immediately switches back to her baby: “You can do it. Get it out.” At this point there’s a… noise… Poor Max is startled awake and scrambles away from the awful stench. Hollis looks a bit confused by mom’s giggling. “Oh, gosh. Whoopsie.”

Little surprise that this uproarious video has racked up over 14 million views on YouTube. It’s also attracted plenty of commentary, for instance: “Dog’s like ‘Dude, they put me outside if I make noises like that!” Or another: “Yeah, I didn’t sign up for this.” Some in the on-line audience wanted to know what this mom was feeding her baby. We haven’t the slightest idea and even if we did, we might not say. Why encourage copycats?

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