Baby Poops In Diaper Next To Snoozing Dog. Dog’s Reaction Has The Internet Dying Of Laughter

Babies are certainly experts at eating, pooping, and sleeping. Well, really, that’s about all they do. And come to think of it, we could say much the same about dogs, too. Perhaps that explains why dogs and babies get along so well. This brings us to a baby named Hollis and his friend Max the dog.

As you’ll see in the uproarious video we’ve posted below, Hollis and Max are two peas in a pod. Max doesn’t even mind being used as a pillow! However, there are limits to what even the friendliest, most easy-going dog can be expected to tolerate.

Mom greets them with, “Hey, Hollis! Do you like sitting next to Max?” But then she notices a look on his face that she’s learned to dread. “Oooh, you look like you’re about to either poo poo or something.” She takes a moment to give the dog a pat on the head before returning to a more pressing matter. “You can do it, Hollis. You can do it.” Then it’s back to giving some love to the happily snoozing dog. “Max, you’re so sweet, yes you are.” Finally, mom gives Hollis some more encouragement: “You can do it. Get it out.” And then there’s a… noise… Max the dog is startled awake and instantly flees. Little Hollis is left staring at his mother, slightly confused by her giggling. “Oh, Gosh. Whoopsie.”

It should come as no surprise that this hilarious video has over 13 million views on YouTube. There have been plenty of comments, too. For example: “Dog’s like ‘Dude, they put me outside if I make noises like that!'” and, “Yeah, I didn’t sign up for this.” Some viewers wanted to know what on Earth this mom was feeding her baby. We have no idea, and even if we did, we probably wouldn’t tell you. Why encourage copycats?

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