This baby poops his pants, but watch how the dog reacts! You won’t stop laughing!

Babies are incredible for a thousand different reasons, and hilarious for a thousand more. They always manage to make us laugh with their carefree nature. And their laughter is really contagious, isn’t it? The video given below features a tiny baby that is going to leave you in a fit of giggles in less than a minute! However, this baby’s best companion, the family dog, didn’t find this baby’s antics so funny! Wait till you see this hilarious video!

Mom is busy capturing her dog and her baby on camera. She’s making the baby laugh and patting the dog on the head, telling him he’s such a good dog. The baby and the dog are both in a chair, and the dog is propping the baby up because he’s still too small to sit up on his own. But this small baby can sure produce some big, well, you’ve probably figured it out from the title already.

Little does the dog know about what is going to unfold next. I’m not sure mom expected this either. The adorable dog is lying next to the baby, almost asleep, and the baby gets a serious look of concentration on his face. Mom even says, “Oh, you look like you’re about to poop.” We’ve all seen that look on a baby’s face, right?

Meanwhile, when the dog hears the telltale sounds and figures out the tiny guy just pooped his pants, his reaction is priceless! I really couldn’t stop laughing at what he did! You’ll have to watch here to find out. He’s one clever dog!

Watch this funny video below! Did this make you smile? Don’t forget to let us know what you thought about it through your comments!