Her Baby And Her Pug Come Face To Face. Now Watch The Unfathomable Thing The Dog Does…

They say dogs are man’s best friend, but it turns out babies are pretty fond of them as well. Dogs and children can go so well together, giving each other a loving friend to spend time with and grow up together.

Little pug Patsy and baby Jack are the best of friends, and Jack just can’t get enough of his cute little friend. In this hilarious clip, Jack just can’t stop laughing as Patsy starts to play – giggling so hard he totally forgets about the delicious cookie in his hand – but Patsy didn’t forget!

Patsy starts to distract Jack, running around and making him giggle until finally the cookie is left on the floor, long forgotten by baby Jack as he tries to pet his cute little friend.

Finally Patsy sneaks around and grabs the cookie for herself, but Jack doesn’t care. He’s having the time of his life and is totally in love with his new buddy!

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