Baby Pugs Have A Faux Wrestling Match In This Adorable Clip

It’s that time of the week when you may be feeling like you need some sort of a morale booster. Maybe it’s been an especially trying work week, or maybe you’re just ready to zip through to the weekend and need a pick-me-up. You’re in luck, because we have just that. As for you animal lovers, this is a good one for any occasion! Scientific research, well, I don’t know how scientific, shows that watching animal videos can relieve stress and lower blood pressure, so instead of hitting the gym, watch this clip as your workout today.

In a squeal-worthy new video from The Pet Collective, two adorable pugs roll around and play a puppy game of leap frog in sweet baby bibs. No seriously, this is the cutest thing you’ll see all day. These silly pugs are so sweet that even their fosters tasked with recording the bouncing babies have a difficult time holding back their fits of laughter as they wrestle and wag their tails in puppy bliss. They are so cute and cuddly, but they don’t sit still long enough to cuddle with them in this clip. They are keeping their foster family busy!

So if you know someone who could use a smile today — whether a coworker, friend, or loved one — do the noble thing and pass along these too-cute-for-words little rascals.

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