“The Ultimate Battle of Cuteness! Puppies Take On Babies in Funny Battle!”

Yes, its a battles of whose the cutest and funniest between babies and puppies. This video shows who reigns supreme in what is called the Ultimate Puppy vs Baby showdown although this is open to debate that’s for sure.

The competition goes into the common things that puppies and babies do that can be considered cute. For example, dancing, eating, chasing, jumping and even tackling the notorious baby gate!

In the end the puppies win — or do they??!  After all if this is a battle for who is the funniest and cutest, the clip of the baby throwing the pillow over the baby gate before jumping over itself is beyond cute. https://youtu.be/LXTjel8UOGU The cleverness of this child is enough to have anyone laughing or at least crack a smile. The dog literally jumping over the gate and having the kid break is fall, not a funny, dogs can jump also was the kid all right. So this round should of went to the babies, at least that’s just one opinion. Anyway, even if this round had gone to the babies it would have changed the outcome the puppies still would of come out ahead in the end.

So, watch this ultimate showdown for yourself and let us know what you thought of the outcome by commenting below. And share this with your friends on Facebook. Give them a chuckle or two!