Baby And Puppy Meet Each Other For The Very First Time, And It’s Too Cute!

The most adorable videos on the internet must have two very crucial ingredients: a human baby and a dog. This infallible combo is sure to produce absolute cute shenanigans the following video is proof of how cute these sort of interactions can be.

In this video they did exactly that, they put together a very young baby and a very cute puppy and they found out that they can create the cutest thing ever. The mother and dad just let these two get to know each other in their own terms. Watch the incredible interaction between this baby in this dog and you will feel better just because you saw it. This is actually scientifically proven! Videos of cute baby animals are a very effective way to relieve stress.

It’s hard to reconcile just how cute this video is, what you’re witnessing is the love at first sight between a puppy and a baby. This is the beginning of a 15 year relationship that will fundamentally change the way that baby sees the world. In short, this is a magnificent video.

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